Thursday, May 24, 2012


School is almost done - it's time to reflect (in another post) and make the #summerlist:

1) Twitter Math Camp!!! (If you're not familiar - check here) In prep for TMC, I'm starting work on the Exeter Problem Sets. @druinok and I will be putting the schedule together and getting the organization done as soon as the dust begins to settle here from the end of school. I am really looking forward to this - going to meet over 20 (at current count) of my tweeps! July 19th can't get here soon enough.

2) Revamp SBG. I had made revisions last summer and I will be tweaking again. I definitely don't think I'm going to do the teach 3 - quiz 6 - teach 3 - quiz 6 that I did this year. I haven't totally decided how it's all going to work yet, but Common Core's organization will play into it.

3) Tweak Bellringers. I have already started thinking about this and will continue to ponder this.

4) Adjust Learning Targets in Algebra 2. This is happening because of Common Core. I'm looking at following the order and structure set up here. This year will be a transition year since Algebra 1 was not taught under Common Core. We'll see how it plays out.

5) Set up Math 2 for SBG. It looks like (as of right now), I will be teaching Math 2 (think Geometry without the proofs) in addition to Algebra 2. I last taught it pre-SBG and pre-blog. Lots of stuff to think about here - I've made changes in grading and how I teach.

6) Recharge. It's summer, isn't that a given?

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