Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Understanding by Design Chapter 10 - #sbarbook Mon 8/1

fourkatie          Anyone here for #sbarbook?
jrykse                present #sbarbook
druinok             @jrykse @fourkatie I'm here, but didn't read :( #sbarbook
fourkatie          @druinok @jrykse I read this week. still need to go back and read last chapter. still struggling with this. #sbarbook
jrykse                @fourkatie @druinok This chapter seemed to be "choose teaching method that would best meet your objective (EU)". #sbarbook
fourkatie          @jrykse I'd agree with that summary #sbarbook
jsb16                  Is #sbarbook happening tonight?
jrykse                @fourkatie It was amusing how they tap danced around coming out and just saying "do something besides lecture all the time". #sbarbook
fourkatie          @jrykse I thought they were trying very hard to not offend anyone's pref method of teaching. Felt wishy-washy. #sbarbook
jsb16                  And yet, there are still people who claim that "21stC koolaid" is "rubbishing" lecture, even with all the caveats in #sbarbook...
fourkatie          Revisited the cover vs uncover. I definitely want to keep that idea forefront #sbarbook
fourkatie          I've been guilty of using the textbook as syllabus. Gotten better at setting my agenda and then arranging book resources to match. #sbarbook
jsb16                  Really liked "Students must learn that these mistakes are not avoidable, or shameful, but key episodes in gaining understanding #sbarbook
jrykse                @jsb16 Yeah I don't get that. I thought they had some good examples of how we learn best.  #sbarbook
fourkatie          I liked the summary of ways to check for understanding on pp 248-249.  would be good resource to help new teachers #sbarbook
jsb16                  Have to admit I didn't finish the #sbarbook chapter, and I got into a debate about the Dewey quote this morning.
jsb16                  Are we winding down this #sbarbook, or is Twitter on the fritz?
fourkatie          Not feeling very passionate about #sbarbook tonight. Must say have been more jazzed with the tweets on organizing ;)
jrykse                Winding down. Easiest chp to read of book. Had some nice resources (question starters, etc.). #sbarbook
jsb16                  #sbarbook Next week, Chapter 11?
jrykse                @jsb16 getting close to start of year.  Can we do 2 chapters next week? #sbarbook
jsb16                  Only 3 chapters left in #sbarbook. Do we need to do 2/week?
jrykse                @jsb16 Never mind. I thought we had more chapters. 1 is perfect. #sbarbook
jsb16                  Next #sbarbook (Chapter 11) 8/8 at 9:30EDT.
fourkatie          @jsb16 sounds good #sbarbook
jybuell               For the #sbarbook crew - http://samjshah.com/2011/08/02/our-experience-with-understanding-by-design/ feat. @samjshah and @bowmanimal

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