Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Understanding by Design Chapter 11 - #sbarbook Mon 8/8/11

justbugnu           #sbarbook hello everyone. Ok I did my first blog. It's about UbD wrkshp. It is at Check it out n give thoughts.
druinok                It's #sbarbook time again - however, I haven't read this week's chapter - too busy prepping for back-to-school
jrykse                   @druinok don't think you missed much.  Beginning has some nice ideas on how to get started.  #sbarbook
jrykse                   @druinok A couple nice examples of a unit design before and after applying UbD. #sbarbook
druinok                @fourkatie heya :)  what are your thoughts on this chapter? #sbarbook
fourkatie             late, but here for #sbarbook
fourkatie             @druinok I'm 6 pages short of finishing, but it seems to be pulling it together. Liked the multiple entry points into design. #sbarbook
fourkatie             it is more important to test against the backward design logic and standards as you play with ideas (cont...) #sbarbook
fourkatie             rather than to think of design as a step-by-step process in which you doon' tneed to look back" pg255 #sbarbook
fourkatie             Kind of annoyed that the example for math in this chapter was geometry again.  #whatiswrongwithalgebra #sbarbook
druinok                @fourkatie @jrykse I feel so bad for not reading #sbarbook - please forgive!

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