Thursday, December 08, 2011

Time to change?

Yes, it was another quiz day in Algebra 2 today. Yesterday, I had them work on review problems over all the learning targets (not just the ones being tested). Still had quite a few students not make much of an attempt on the feedback only problems. If you haven't been following the saga - here is my last post and it has the previous ones linked to it in the second paragraph.

So, as I was grading today, this was the thought I had:
(For those of you seeing this for the first time, I teach, quiz 5-6 learning targets - 3 that were previously quizzed and students only got feedback, 3 that have not been previously quizzed and were the most recently taught and give feedback only.)

Starting with the next quiz (which for my classes will be the last one before Christmas Break), I will still grade the older 2-3 learning targets. On the "newer" learning targets, if a student shows they totally understand it and would earn a 5/5 on it, I will record that 5. On the next quiz, when everyone else is doing those learning targets for the grade book, those students who earned the 5 on the previous quiz will not have to do those problems. I will still write feedback for those students who didn't earn 5/5 so they know what they need to work on, but I won't record a score.

My hope is that students will take all the learning targets seriously, not just the graded ones. I have a growing group of students who are not even attempting the feedback problems.

Thoughts??? Please comment below on what you think. I hate to change mid-stream, but I'm not sure what else to do here. Thanks!

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