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Understanding by Design Chapter 6 - #sbarbook Wed 7/6/11

druinok          So, who all is here for #sbarbook?

fourkatie       Here for #sbarbook

justbugnu     #sbarbook I'm here for #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @druinok It's beginning to make more sense #sbarbook

jrykse             Here #sbarbook

lmhenry9      I'll be here shortly for #sbarbook. Working on getting kids to bed now.

druinok          so what did you guys think of this chapter? #sbarbook

fourkatie       Well, I was actually able to get through this chapter, so that was a plus #sbarbook

druinok          @fourkatie LOL *high five* :)  #sbarbook

druinok          The one thing I took away was "Students should understand THAT" - definitely helped w/ wording I think #sbarbook

fourkatie       I liked the emphasis in parts that you need empathy for the novice, that you need to have a developmental reality check #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @druinok I like the quote you tweeted earlier on pg 139 about vocabulary #sbarbook

jreulbach       @druinok Yes, that was in @samjshah's template. #cliffnotes #sbarbook

fourkatie       that "what is initially a difficult inference can become, over time, an accepted and obvious fact" pg 136

jrykse             Now there is also topical vs overarching understandings not just questions? Brain going to explode. #sbarbook

justbugnu     #sbarbook I like the figure on pg 137. Will try it to see if helps identify EQ.

jrykse             @jreulbach What is this template you speak of? #sbarbook

druinok          .@mrhodotnet I was semi-sarcastic w/ that tweet :)  I sometimes feel the authors have an Expert Blind Spot in this book #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @jrykse I liked that concept too. So in pre-calc we can work on function transformations then see how it also applies to trig fxns #sbarbook

fourkatie       @jrykse totally agree with you. I feel like I'm going around in circles.

jreulbach       "elementary teachers are typically well aware that much of what adults "know" is not at all obvious or sensible to kids. #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @druinok I know. I still like it. I actually like the other way. Give me the word and then clarify so I know how to organize ideas #sbarbook

druinok          .@jrykse LOL - I feel that way often when reading this book... I'm more of a simple girl, no need for big words #sbarbook :)

druinok          Okay, so within your own subject, can you complete one "Students should understand that..."? #sbarbook

jreulbach       RT @bowmanimal: here's one that @samjshah and i made at our summer program…

lmhenry9      Here now for #sbarbook. Working on catching up.

druinok          .@jreulbach I loved that quote!  Of course, I also jotted next to it that I felt that way in this book LOL #sbarbook

jreulbach       I don't know if it an expert blind spot or just bad writing. too wordy. blah. #sbarbook

jreulbach       . @druinok I FEEL that quote now that I teach ms. So much they don't know that is just "fact" in hs. #sbarbook

jrykse             Students should understand that data can be communicated graphically. This would be a topical understanding? #sbarbook

druinok          I did like how they did the concept attainment at the beginning of this chapter #sbarbook

lmhenry9      @jrykse I felt the same way about the topical/overarching understandings and questions. #sbarbook

jreulbach       I'm a BIG fan of the summaries now. #sbarbook

mrhodotnet SSUT different graphical representations of data reveals different features of the dataset and respond differently to outliers #sbarbook

jreulbach       @druinok It reminds me of the text book I had to read for the ONE political science class I took in college. #murder #sbarbook

fourkatie       @druinok Exactly. Do as I say, not as I do. #sbarbook

druinok          @jrykse sounds great to me! :)  #sbarbook

druinok          Students should understand that... quadratic functions can be used to model projectile motion ??? #sbarbook

fourkatie       How about - Students should know that in math we only combine things that are alike (fractions, terms, complex nums...) #sbarbook

mrhodotnet SSUT function transformations apply to all types of functions, even trigronometric functions even though we call them phase shift #sbarbook

lmhenry9      @fourkatie I like that one. #sbarbook

mrhodotnet The second one seems a little narrow. Maybe that falls more into topical/overarching understading @jrykse mentioned earlier #sbarbook

druinok          actually doing some writing is helping me I think #sbarbook

jreulbach       SSUT we evaluate expressions in a certain order to get consistent answers.

druinok          that section (civil war example) was the most useful.... the math examples are not helpful to me :( #sbarbook

justbugnu     #sbarbook students should understand that living systems are organized by levels of complexity.

jrykse             @druinok So then to turn that into overarching say SSUT functions can model real life. #sbarbook Don't really like "real life" phrase though

eduz8             @druinok #sbarbook  re: quadratics.  Maybe larger.  Students understand that functions are used to model patterns in the world around us.

jreulbach       I'm not sure I get this. Trying. #sbarbook

fourkatie       @druinok agree, the math examples have not been helpful. made note to self - need

about 100 more math examples to figure this out #sbarbook

justbugnu     @eduz8 I like that one. #sbarbook

druinok          @jrykse ahhh, mine was too topical, got it :)  #sbarbook

druinok          @eduz8 got it!  go beyond the current unit to think big picture #sbarbook

fourkatie       one example is not enough for me to generalize #sbarbook

jreulbach       @druinok @eduz8 Hmmm, not me. so my SSUT is too narrow them?

eduz8             I kind of think of understandings as ideas that connect courses (2 or 3 in a row)  #sbarbook

lmhenry9      I am with @jreulbach - I am struggling writing an understanding. #sbarbook

eduz8             Essential questions seemed to be bigger; lead to discussions of ideas that cover all high school courses? #sbarbook

jreulbach       @eduz8 Yes, but some small ideas (order of operations) are the basis for everything. It becomes a fact later, but in MS is not understood?

lmhenry9      The idea I am playing around with in my head has to do with solving equations, but I can't come up with the wording I want. #sbarbook

druinok          @fourkatie and the pythag theorem thing was not useful to me :(  #sbarbook

fourkatie       I like that! RT @eduz8 I kind of think of understandings as ideas that connect courses (2 or 3 in a row) #sbarbook

justbugnu     #sbarbook I wonder if the UbD pd workbook would spell it out better. Has anyone got that one?

justbugnu     @druinok #sbarbook. I liked that one. We have to create hands on activities to help them see the pattern b4 we intro the pyth theorem.

lmhenry9      @druinok @fourkatie Me either. I really wanted them to give me the understanding for Pythagorean Theorem instead of all the theory. #sbarbook

jrykse             @lmhenry9 See the 9-12 2nd bullet? #sbarbook

jreulbach       I'm frustrated bc I know I'm decently smart. I should get this easier. No wonder they have workshops. #sbarbook

druinok          @justbugnu I agree with that - but I was expecting them to do some essential understandings and such #sbarbook

fourkatie       @jreulbach Well, I think we as a collective are a bunch of smart cookies and we are all struggling. Perhaps not communicated well? #sbarbook

jrykse             @lmhenry9 @druinok @fourkatie Would those 5 bullets at bottom p140 be topical understandings? Never really gives "this is the EU" #sbarbook

eduz8             What about: SWU that tables, graphs and equations are all used to describe patterns.  Each has benefits. #sbarbook

druinok          .@jreulbach have to agree with @fourkatie on this one - we are all educated, intelligent adults, it's not just you

justbugnu     @fourkatie maybe that's their idea-make us struggle to feel like our students do when just learning from text?

druinok          Has anyone looked at common core (@samjshah) and if its written in UbD friendly terms? #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @jrykse @lmhenry9 @druinok @fourkatie The understanding or the statement is at the end of first paragraph #sbarbook

druinok          @justbugnu it's working! :) hehehh I definitely feel my student's frustration :)

jreulbach       @druinok @justbugnu I feel like quitting. I guess that is how they feel when we 1)talk too much 2) talk about their heads #sbarbook

druinok          @eduz8 I like that one - random thought: can an EU be TOO broad? #sbarbook

MathBratt     @justbugnu From what I remember it had different activities/templates to use  #sbarbook

Seestur          @jreulbach workshops and dozens of books written to help you understand ubd! It's a very tough book, don't feel bad.

MathBratt     @justbugnu I have the workbook but is packed away from moving rooms. We got them during WShop.  #sbarbook

eduz8             @druinok I think and EU can be too broad.  Perhaps it requires ability to build on it next year.  Perhaps it needs to be applied. #sbarbook

druinok          @jreulbach @justbugnu that is a convicting statement ... thankful for the group accountability #sbarbook

jreulbach       WHY wouldn't they just write it better? #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @jreulbach For me, the last paragraph of Pg 139 is the reason why I don't get this book as readily. #sbarbook

lmhenry9      @jrykse @druinok @fourkatie I interpreted the bullet points as reasons why Py Thm carries over several courses/is an understanding #sbarbook

lmhenry9      @mrhodotnet @jrykse @druinok @fourkatie But to me that seemed like a restatement of the Py Thm, not an "understanding." #sbarbook

jreulbach       @mrhodotnet yes, bc how are we expected to "perform" if we don't understand their understandings? lol! #sbarbook

lmhenry9      @mrhodotnet @jreulbach I had highlighted that exact sentence for that exact reason. #sbarbook

druinok          @lmhenry9 I don't have my book handy - can you quote the sentence? thanks :)

fourkatie       @mrhodotnet I agree.  I want them to present the exact opposite way they chose. criteria/definition first then ex/nonex etc #sbarbook

jreulbach       @fourkatie @mrhodotnet I need a TEACHER to teach me this book. #sbarbook

lmhenry9      Are we winding down on Chapter 6 of #sbarbook? Any other thoughts?

lmhenry9      #sbarbook "(The fact that you still may not be ready to craft good understandings is another example of why understanding is learned through, and reflected in, performance.)"

lmhenry9      #sbarbook Last tweet was the last sentence on pg. 139 we were referring to.

jreulbach       @lmhenry9 nah, I blame it on the authors... #sbarbook : )

druinok          @lmhenry9 thanks :) that was a sentence I marked too :)

fourkatie       the word I had to look up from #sbarbook was verisimilitude. really. was that necessary?

lmhenry9      @druinok said she would be willing to lead Ch 7 of #sbarbook on Mon 7/11 at 9:30p est if that works for everyone. I'll drop in as I can.

mrhodotnet I think I'll try it out on one of my classes then solicit some feedback. Just reading and not "doing" is not helping me understand #sbarbook

druinok          okay - so what's best for y'all on ch 7? I suggest we go back to 2 a week just to get through this thing :) #sbarbook

lmhenry9      My present thought is Ch 7 Mon 7/11 and Ch 8 Thu 7/14 (and I may very well miss both but will still archive them) #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @fourkatie I remembered that word from V for Vendetta. Who says you learn nothing from movies? :D #sbarbook

justbugnu     @lmhenry9 sounds good to me. Think we can trust her. Lol #sbarbook

mrhodotnet @druinok Sounds good :)

fourkatie       @lmhenry9 both dates sound good to me. #sbarbook

jrykse             Monday works. #sbarbook

jrykse             and Thursday works also. #sbarbook

lmhenry9      Okay, so we will plan on Ch 7 Mon 7/11 and Ch 8 Thu 7/14 both at 9:30p est. #sbarbook

druinok          @lmhenry9 it's good for me - thanks :)

lmhenry9      I'll pop in when I can and I will archive both chats. #sbarbook

justbugnu     @lmhenry9 thanks. U rock! #sbarbook

lmhenry9      I'll get the chat up shortly from #sbarbook tonight. Don't have too much fun without me on twitter all the time... ;-)

fourkatie       @druinok it was in chapter 4 on the six facets

jryske             Realized I did order #sbarbook workbook and it came. Here is an example from it:

jreulbach       @druinok I'm must get angry when i don't understand. #sbarbook

justbugnu     @jrykse thanks. I will check it out. #sbarbook

jreulbach       @fourkatie Yes, but when you teach and many students don't understand, do you blame students? #sbarbook

fourkatie       @jreulbach no-totally blame myself. I expect stdts to stop me & tell me I'm talking nonsense when they are lost. One of the 1st things I do.

jsb16               @jrykse #sbarbook I think "data can be communicated graphically" >topical: applies to all types of graphs & to science & SS, not just math

mrhodotnet @jreulbach @jrykse @samjshah Thanks for sharing the documents. It clarifies things a lot! I think I almost get it now.

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