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Understanding by Design Chapter 9 - #sbarbook Mon 7/25/11

jsb16                     OK. Who wants to start #sbarbook? What did you think of chapter 9?

gwaddellnvhs    Who is here for #sbarbook tonight? @jsb16 and are hosting.

jrykse                    present. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs    #sbarbook Chap 9 was where the rubber really hit the road for me. Very detailed and focused on planning. It is what actually matters.

gwaddellnvhs    #sbarbook the "whereto" makes a lot of sense in the planning process. Spend more time planning, and in class the learners do the work.

jsb16                     Trying to integrate modeling, #anyqs, #wcydwt, and WHERETO & my brain is overflowing #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook but really, #anyqs and #wcydwt speak to the "hook" the "where" and the "reflect & revise". They can be very simpatico!

jrykse                    I think the whereto will help clean up lessons. I have some missing pieces. #sbarbook

jsb16                     @gwaddellnvhs Didn't say they wouldn't work well together. Just different from how I learned #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook I agree. The way I was taught to develop a lesson plan was very bad. Very teacher focused, not learner or results focused.

jsb16                     #sbarbook Really liked the "We take a different view." (pg 202) Brings in some of the passion/interest-based angle.

gwaddellnvhs    #sbarbook Page 192, "What is the best use of time spent in & out of classroom." Reminded me of "Rethinking Hmwk" by Vatterott. It all fits!

jsb16                     #sbarbook Also different from how my HS teachers planned & different from how PD is run. Not sure how it should feel. @gwaddellnvhs

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook We are forcing our PD to run along side UbD. It can't be optional to teach well. It has to be an expectation (in my dept.)

jsb16                     #sbarbook There's a bit about teaching transfer explicitly. How do you do that in your classes?

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook - "teaching transfer" badly.

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook sorry about the snark. That is a struggle. we did not spend much time working on that last year, and it showed.

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook it is something this year we are going to work hard on attempting (not sure if we will succeed, but we will try.)

jrykse                    @gwaddellnvhs We seem to spin our wheels tackling tasks instead of being able to talk about student learning & getting better. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs    @jrykse #sbarbook there is some contention. 2 teachers who refuse to participate. I think this year it will be the "good" plc and the rest.

gwaddellnvhs    @jrykse #sbarbook we do have an agenda that explicitly works against the "task" focus. It helps to have the agenda set, and

gwaddellnvhs    @jrykse #sbarbook and strong personalities that keep it from being hijacked by the "get it done and go home" persons. It takes more time tho

jsb16                     @gwaddellnvhs #sbarbook @jrykse I think I'm the only one in my department investigating modeling and #sbar.

jrykse                    Catching up on #sbarbook tweets, had a washer emergency, turns out I don't have to buy new one, circuit was tripped. Phew.

gwaddellnvhs    #sbarbook any other comments on the "whereto"? @jrykse @jsb16

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 @jrykse #sbarbook It is hard when you are alone. Thank goodness for social networking! and success breeds success. it will pay off.

jsb16                     #sbarbook I think it'll be useful, eventually. I'm not sure I have the assessment part clear enough in my mind to work on this yet. :(

jrykse                    @gwaddellnvhs @jsb16 The catcher in the rye example on p199 spoke to me. Now to do that in math. #sbarbook

jsb16                     @jrykse #sbarbook I liked that example, too. Trying to translate it into physics...

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 @jrykse #sbarbook my initial idea: Handicapped ramp at school is not built to spec. We must learn all necessary math to show it is.

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 @jrykse #sbarbook This is for a linear function review, and I would set out all pieces and at the end go out side and they measure

jsb16                     @gwaddellnvhs #sbarbook My idea: elementary school across busy street from park: can kids cross safely?

jsb16                     #sbarbook That's for constant velocity motion, possibly extending to constant acceleration motion.

jrykse                    @jsb16 Then students make a case to department of transportation whether one of those overhead crosswalks should be built. #sbarbook

jsb16                     @jrykse #sbarbook Exactly. I was thinking that the audience for the project would be the city planning department.

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 @jrykse That is really good! I like that idea. #sbarbook It is good the audience is someone besides us, the teacher.

jsb16                     @gwaddellnvhs #sbarbook Thanks. I need to work on rubrics and checklists and so on, to help myself (and students) get it together.

jsb16                     #sbarbook And I need video of the street and pictures of the school & park and measurements to allow students to collect data...

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook That is one difficulty with this method. More work up front for us. But the payoff of the learners working more is worth it

jrykse                    @jsb16 @gwaddellnvhs Rubrics, that another thing I learned from #sbarbook I do badly.

jsb16                     #sbarbook I hope to make time to post the project on and maybe work out some of the kinks that way.

druinok                I can't wait to read tonight's #sbarbook discussion - looks really good so far!

jsb16                     #sbarbook Next Monday for chapter 10?

jrykse                    @jsb16 I can do Monday. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 #sbarbook, next monday sounds great to me.

jsb16                     @gwaddellnvhs @druinok #sbarbook Monday, 9:30 for Chapter 10?

gwaddellnvhs    @jsb16 @druinok agreed. Monday, 9:30 for Chapter 10. #sbarbook

jsb16                     #sbarbook OK, next Monday it is for Chapter 10.

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