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Understanding by Design Chapter 7 - #sbarbook Mon 7/11/11

Sorry on the delay on this one. I was out of town and it looks like twitter had some troubles.

druinok Okay ladies and gents, who all is here for #sbarbook? :) Don't forget you may need to unprotect tweets for recording the convo

jsb16 I'm here for #sbarbook. Didn't finish the chapter, though.

jrykse Here #sbarbook

druinok overall, this chapter was way easier to read than some of the previous ones - what stood out to you guys? #sbarbook

jrykse and were back? #sbarbook

fourkatie here for #sbarbook . A little late. trouble with twitter.

jsb16 I like the idea of trying to "convict" kids of understanding with a "preponderance of evidence". #sbarbook

fourkatie I didn't finish the chapter, but seemed easier to grasp. assessment infor reminded me of past #sbarbook

druinok Ok #sbarbook, it appears we are back :) This chapter hit me in the gut again. I've been guilty of some of the assessment issues :(

druinok @jsb16 I really liked that analogy as well. #sbarbook

jsb16 I'm just not sure what would provide best evidence that a kid understands, say, the difference between velocity & acceleration. #sbarbook

jrykse One thing that annoyed me was the performance task examples. All geometry. I swear they are always geometry examples. #sbarbook

druinok Many tchr tests tend to focus on the accuracy of knowledge & skill rather than on evidence of transferability #sbarbook guilty :(

fourkatie Liked the assessment continuum #sbarbook

druinok @jreulbach me either - and that really convicted me too - the idea of "understanding is revealed in performance" #sbarbook

druinok @jsb16 as in authentic assessment projects? #sbarbook

jsb16 #sbarbook @druinok I think we probably all are. I know our midterm & final are the same way.

druinok @jrykse geometry is so hands-on, it's easier to find authentic projects I think #sbarbook

fourkatie @jreulbach top of 152 (continuum of assessment) #sbarbook

druinok In my workshop today, was thinking through the "Is this REAL?" lens - it's really going to be tough at times :( #sbarbook

jsb16 #sbarbook @druinok Any authentic task, rather than quiz question, yeah.

druinok @jreulbach agreed that skills are needed.. but I am guilty of assessing what is EASY for me to grade, not necessarily BEST #sbarbook

jsb16 @jreulbach Only seeing half the conversation on #sbarbook. I think your tweets are protected.

druinok I liked that this chapter had a lot of illustrations with examples, etc #sbarbook

druinok I really did like the GRASPS concept #sbarbook

jrykse Academic prompts is about the best I have. I really don't think I have done any tasks this past couple years. #sbarbook

jreulbach @fourkatie I liked that too. and, the order was great. Confirmed what I was thinking about projects at the end. #sbarbook

jreulbach I REALLY liked "Rounding Out Evidence" pg.169. one-minute essay, bring written q to class each day. #sbarbook

jrykse @druinok The prompts they gave for EU's and q's past couple chptrs helped also.This one will help in maybe finally getting a task. #sbarbook

druinok @jreulbach agreed - I really liked the one-minute essay idea #sbarbook

druinok Not a science teacher, but this statement was shocking to me.. "A typical sci lab presents an exercise, not a problem" #sbarbook

jrykse @jreulbach The 1 minute essay will be something to mix up with exit slips instead of just a problem to quick do. #sbarbook

jreulbach @druinok Two q's though. 1) does each student write on clean paper? 2) when do I have time to read all of them? lots of paper #sbarbook

jsb16 Having perfectionism paralysis w #sbarbook atm. Not happy w stds (district or state), leads to not liking EQs & EUs, makes assessment rough.

jreulbach @jrykse Exit slips are hard bc students have so far to travel at my school. I can't hold them back even for 2 mins. #sbarbook

jreulbach anyone interested in staying for 10 mins after and talking about red flags from last #sbarbook? Planning it now for the fall.

fourkatie I think the one-minute essay might be good to do at the end of a week. big point(s) this week. question(s) you still have #sbarbook

jsb16 #sbarbook @druinok Cookbook labs are definitely exercises. Little thinking required.

jrykse @jreulbach @druinok Thinking just tear off 1/2 sheet from anything they have. can scan during your passing time between hours. #sbarbook

druinok @jreulbach I didn't say it was easy, I just said I liked the idea LOL :) #sbarbook

jsb16 @jreulbach What was the last #sbarbook?

druinok @jsb16 I think that is so true for all of us - it seems SO overwhelming to me! #sbarbook

jreulbach I was thinking GDocs. Everyone could enter their Q, then I could look ever them. #sbarbook

jsb16 If anyone writes a blog post about UbD assessments, please tweet and tag #sbarbook I'd love to see real examples.

jreulbach @fourkatie Oh, I like that! Not everyday then. I'm going to use GDocs for that for sure then. #sbarbook

jrykse @jreulbach don't do everydayPre planned question.Make sure they have 5 minutes at end of class. Like @fourkatie, after a big idea. #sbarbook

fourkatie @jreulbach maybe turn it into an Entrance slip. Need to see me before next class to re-explain. #sbarbook

jrykse @jreulbach I don't return, not doing any feedback. Strictly for me to see what is going on. If kid is lost a flag! #sbarbook

druinok @jrykse but some feedback could be useful I would think? #sbarbook

jsb16 #sbarbook @jrykse Do you have kids who don't turn it in?

druinok Sounds like we are starting to wind down - any other thoughts on this chapter? #sbarbook

fourkatie @jreulbach We have only 1 minute between classes, so exit slips have been tough to implement for me, so entrance slip. voila! #sbarbook

jrykse @druinok I tried doing feedback but then got overwhelmed. Stopped doing them. Then tried again just for me. #sbarbook

jrykse @jsb16 No grade, no worries for them. I try to touch base next day so I think they figured out it was good to at least try. #sbarbook

jsb16 Not sure I'm going to have the next #sbarbook chapter done by Thursday...

druinok Is Thursday still good for ch 8? #sbarbook

jrykse @jreulbach I've seen some folks do that. Seen some make it a grade. I just wanted a way to quickly see how all doing. #sbarbook

jrykse @druinok I'm fine for thursday. #sbarbook

jreulbach I'm in. Believe it or not, I already read it. It was very short and easy too. #sbarbook

jreulbach BUT, these are chapters that I already do most of in class currently so I already understood them. #sbarbook

fourkatie I should be okay with Thursday #sbarbook

druinok Alrighty then, sounds like Thursday is okay for most... thanks as always for a great conversation! #sbarbook

jsb16 Need to spend some quality time with @kellyoshea's standards and (I think) @ThinkThankThunk's FCI bef I'm ready to really work on #sbarbook.

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