Thursday, June 23, 2011

SBG Gala #6

Welcome to the 6th installment of the Standards-Based Grading Gala! If you are finding this for the first time, here are the previous installments:
#1 at MeTA musings (July 20, 2010)
#2 at Always Formative (September 6, 2010)
#3 at Teaching Chemistry (October 21, 2010)
#4 at Action-Reaction (December 23, 2010)
#5 at Quantum Progress (February 18, 2011)

If you are new to SBG, it is worth your time to go back and read the previous SBG Galas, for we have some of the same people and you can see how SBG has grown and changed for them.

When I posted the original call for posts, I asked for some posts of how SBG has worked (or not worked) in your classroom. I have noticed more and more people in the twitter-blogosphere looking at SBG and I know I'm looking at making changes myself. Personally, I know that reading what others have done with SBG helped me immensely in setting up SBG in my classroom, so I hope that we can help others who are trying to do the same. One last thing to add, make sure you take the time to read the comments in these posts too. Sometimes there are some even better pearls of wisdom from others there. Without any further ado, I bring you the blog posts for this version of the SBG Gala:

SBG Year in Review/Reflections

Chris Ludwig (Science Education on the Edge) brings us 2010-2011: My Standards-Based Grading Year in Review.

Newcomer Roger Wistar (Abort, Retry, Succeed?) shares with us his first year with SBG in Reflections on SBG.

Geoff Schmidt (Pedagogue Padawan) is Looking Back Before SBG in his post.

Scott Schaefer (I Taught My Dog to Whistle) shares with us The Evolution of my Grading Practices.

Amber Caldwell (Maximizing Learning) blogs about her second year with SBG in SBG: The Pied Piper.

@druinok (Teaching Statistics) shares her first year reflections in SBG: Reflections on SY 2010/11.

Lisa Henry (An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks) did an analysis of students who reassessed as a part of her SBG year in review in SBG Analysis.

Tweaking SBG

Andy Rundquist (SuperFly Physics) reviews his SBG year and offers his revisions for next year in SBG with Voice Revisions.

Kelly O'Shea (Physics! Blog!) shares how her SBG system and is trying to figure out how to handle Those Darn Quarter Grades in her post.

Dan Anderson (A Recursive Process) made a change mid-year and shares the results in A Small Tweak and a Feedback Inequality.

Lisa Henry (An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks) reviews her first year with SBG and is pondering several tweaks for next year in Time to Tweak.

Other SBG Stuff

Shawn Cornally (Think Thank Thunk) fights for the assessment soul of a student in Standards-Based Grading: Passive Aggression.

Bret Benesh (Solvable by Radicals) ponders whether SBG should be SBF in his post.

Sam Shah (Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere) shares how he asks his students to request reassessment in To Reassess (or, how to make more work for me).

Cheesemonkeysf (Cheesemonkey wonders) in her Mathematical Language Manfesto talks about including mathematical language skills in SBG.

Stuff from my Google Reader

Blog Carnival (which is what we use to collect submissions), went flaky during this round of the SBG Gala. So, here are some posts from my Google Reader that are SBG related that you may find interesting. Please understand they were not submitted, but I am hoping that you find them helpful.

Jason Buell (Always Formative) shares thoughts how SBG can be used to inform decisions in Flow Control.

Tracie Schroeder (Adventures with the Lower Level) reflects on her first year with SBG in SBG and the Nightmare that is Grading.

Bret Benesh (Solvable by Radicals) didn't submit this one, but I think it is equally as valuable as the other post he submitted. In SBG Reflections, he reflects on his year with SBG in a college classroom.

Nick Yates (Maryland Math Madness) shares how his year went with SBG, including the revisions he made, in SBG Update.

I stumbled on Standards-Based Grading: the parent dividend from Edward Zuber (exzuberant) from Twitter after the deadline. He talks about the benefits SBG has for parents from his experiences during parent-teacher night. Also on his blog, I found Would you like 2 yaks or 3 yaks with that test? to be an interesting approach to assessment with SBG. Some good stuff to be found on this blog, I think.

Thanks so much for reading! Look for SBG Gala #7 sometime toward the end of summer - it'll surface on Twitter eventually.


Scott said...

Thanks for putting this together, Lisa. It looks great. Also, thanks for the links to the past Galas. said...

Hi - I submitted an article via the blog carnival form, but I see that I am not listed here.
Did I do something wrong?

Lisa said...

@Michal - I doubt it. Blog Carnival wasn't working properly through this SBG Gala cycle. We didn't find out until the last minute and I tweeted to either tweet, DM or post on the call for posts on my website so I could get them. Why don't you post the link in the comments here so we can it out there?

Sorry about that - Lisa

Michal said...

It's called "Handling SBAR: Getting into the Nitty Gritty of a Better Grading System"
Here's the link

Thanks so much! - I'm sorry I missed the earlier tweets and what not.