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Understanding by Design Chapter 1 - #sbarbook Monday 6/13/2011

lmhenry9                For the next hour or so, my tweets will be about Chapter 1 of Understanding by Design, our #sbarbook this time around. Who's here?

druinok                    @lmhenry9 I'm here!!! #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok We just got into the hotel about 20 minutes ago. Still trying to finish Chapter 1 of #sbarbook.

Scott_Schaefer    I'm here. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 I am here for #sbarbook as well.

lmhenry9                Well, where would you like to start #sbarbook tonight? Lots to talk about, I think.

lmhenry9                RT @agktmte:  here are my thoughts for UbD Chapter 1. Sorry I won't be online again! #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        Hi, I'm here for #sbarbook

druinok                    There were lots of places where I felt convicted during this chapter - I have lots of notes :)  #sbarbook

sarcasymptote     @lmhenry9 ill be in and out. trying to finish up the proctoring schedule for exams. #sbarbook

druinok                    Too many teachers focus on the teaching and not the learning - That stepped on my toes a bit, been there #sbarbook

druinok                    How will we distinguish merely interesting learning from effective learning #sbarbook powerful question IMO

lmhenry9                @gwaddellnvhs Can you resend that last tweet with #sbarbook - I can't retweet it w/out losing the content

lmhenry9                @gwaddellnvhs I highlighted that comment also on page 15. "they spend most of their time thinking...accomplish the learning goals" #sbarbook

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs I flagged that too :)  too often content focused - #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok Yep. Been there, done too much of that (focus on teaching, not learning) #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       #sbarbook  I really thought the problem is on pg 15, 1st full para. "they spend most of their time thinking.. accomplish the learning goals"

lmhenry9                I tend to focus too much on coverage - and then I don't get there. #sbarbook

druinok                    I also really liked the design tip on pg 17 - go up to a student during a lesson and ask those - would they be able to answer? #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook I think focusing on the Essential Understandings helps with coverage issues. You know what is truly essential, instead

lmhenry9                We get asked so many times, "why do we have to learn this" or "where am I ever going to use this?" #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse lol - sorry, that's a saying from my childhood, was used as  "got my attention and made me squirm" #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @gwaddellnvhs Part of what I am struggling with is how to make this all jibe with Common Core. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook of what the book has in it. EU's help us use the book as a tool to accomplish the EU's instead of a roadmap.

Mr_Martenis        @gwaddellnvhs @lmhenry9 Trouble is, it's hard to get down to a small enough set of essential understandings. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @gwaddellnvhs I sure hope you're right. I'm thinking that's how it *should* work anyway. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @jrykse I agree with you. The more I read, the more I think this fits in very well with SBG. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook I think the CC will help drive the EU's. then we go to our books and find content to teach the EU's.

mctownsley           @jrykse is planning with the ‘end in mind’ (UbD) a clearer way of thinking about first steps towards #sbar?  #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 @gwaddellnvhs I think part of problem with CC is that there is too much essential stuff #sbarbook

druinok                    @mctownsley I think that's a good point - I know that I used a lot of this when setting up learning targets, etc #sbarbook

Scott_Schaefer    @Mr_Martenis Very good point!  It is hard to decide what is the MOST important. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook with backwards design, that is how it has to work. it will be hard to get some admins on board, but my admin is supprtve

mathsfeedback    Been guilty of this. Need to be less self-centred! RT @druinok "Too many teachers focus on the teaching and not the learning" #sbarbook

druinok                    Teaching is a means to the end - intersting way to put it :) #sbarbook

druinok                    What will count as evidence *on the field*, not merely in drills, ... ready to *perform with understanding...* on their own? #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @mctownsley @jrykse That's the way I did it - when I began #sbar, I decided what topics were of importance & went from there. #sbarbook

druinok                    @mathsfeedback that's a great way to put it!  Instead of focus on ME and what I'M comfy w/, need to focus on KIDS and learning #sbarbook

mctownsley           @lmhenry9  also connection to school’s embracing the DuFour PLC learning questions. 1) “What is it we want all students to learn?” #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok #sbarbook I think that is the heart of the acceptable evidence. What must learners be able to demonstrate to show understanding?

druinok                    @Scott_Schaefer totally agree!  especially when state standards are written as if everything is equally important #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @gwaddellnvhs @lmhenry9 I'm  wrestling with essential understandings for my astro course. #sbarbook

druinok                    the assessment as evidence *on the field* kind of hit me... too often we "drill" (aka WS) and not "field work" (applications) #sbarbook

Scott_Schaefer    @druinok And there are so many state standards too! #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @Scott_Schaefer @druinok At least with Common Core, they've narrowed the list some. But there are still a lot to choose from. #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok One kind of evidence I'd like to use more is simply asking questions - but planned questions, and documenting answers #sbarbook

mctownsley           @Scott_Schaefer @druinok any connections between UbD & Reeves idea of “power standards”? #sbarbook

druinok                    potential can of worms - how many of you have common assessments w/ your colleagues? #sbarbook

Scott_Schaefer    @mctownsley I think EQ/ EU and Power Standards end up being very similar. #sbarbook

druinok                    I had flashbacks to @lmhenry9's #anyqs trip planning several times during this chapter :) #sbarbook

mctownsley           @druinok my district is working towards creating/using more common assessments.  #sbarbook

druinok                    @Mr_Martenis agreed - I have noticed that need this week while I'm at the AP reading :) #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok Is that a good thing? #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok We have common assessments. Fortunately, we're pretty agreeable. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok I am the only Alg2 teacher. No common assessments here. Don't think the other Math1 teacher will coordinate assessments. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok My school has 100% common assessments within content areas. We make exams together, usually prior to the chapter. #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 yup - made me think about having the end in mind and how to get there :)  #sbarbook

lmhenry9                I should say, no common assessments needed in Alg 2 - I do them for all sections. #sbarbook

mathsfeedback    @druinok Everyone teaching the same course has the same big  assessments. But I could make up my own "field work" assessments. #sbarbook

druinok                    we have common finals, but not chapter/unit tests or quizzes #sbarbook

lmhenry9                If you don't have a larger (math) dept - how do you do peer review for units?. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok I almost wonder if we could set up a wiki to do a peer review with other like-subject teachers. #sbarbook

druinok                    I really liked the idea of peer review - but not sure most teachers would go for it #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 same way we collaborate :)  find people online to be your "virtual department" :) #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok #sbarbook Wow. It is an expectation at my school. If you don't want to collaborate and work together, transfer. Strong culture.

lmhenry9                @jrykse But what if the rest of your department isn't on board? Then what? Go to someone in diff subject area who is doing UbD? #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok Tomorrow our team is meeting to work on next year's final exam. #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse good idea for vertical teams definitely #sbarbook

lmhenry9                RT @jsb16: Even w/ a reasonably lrg grp w/ the same course (soph physics 4 me), getting peer review isn't easy. Peers r reluctant. #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @lmhenry9 @druinok Online peer review would be helpful. I'm the only astro teacher at our school and I could use some feedback. #sbarbook

Scott_Schaefer    @Mr_Martenis For UbD, I think someone OUTSIDE your content is better.  They can sometimes grasp the Big Ideas better. #sbarbook

druinok                    @Mr_Martenis

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook I don't understand the "shut your door and ignore what others are doing" mentality. It makes everyone's job harder!

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs same here, but have those people always been that way or did something happen to make them like that? #sbarbook

druinok                    @Mr_Martenis we have one at our school - will be at a workshop with her next week, can pass on your email if you want #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @jrykse I think it comes from the same mentality that quiet students are the best students (everyone working quietly). #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok Getting close to common unit tests. We share an awful lot of stuff. #sbarbook

atlteacher               @gwaddellnvhs you're lucky to have a collaborative culture at your school. i think most of us are in sink or swim environments. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse We had a principle who demanded it. We still have a holdout or two, but they suffer bcs everyone works together well. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse to this day, that culture is very ingrained and expected. It takes strong leadership to make it happen though. #sbarbook

druinok                    I think our PLN is somewhat of a peer review - I know I have learned a ton through discussions and sharing here #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @lmhenry9 @jsb16 "Peers are reluctant" True! Tried to get peer observation going during our common time this year. Got crickets. #sbarbook

druinok                    granted, in our situation, its usually been a teaching idea or single lesson, not a unit plan, but still useful #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       I thought the backwards design template was complex, but using something like that regularly would make life easy in future years. #sbarbook

Mr_Martenis        @druinok Yes, thanks. I'd be happy to get in touch w/another astro tchr who is into this SBG stuff. #sbarbook

mathsfeedback    Agreed. Am trying 2 b more helpful to others, share. RT @AtlTeacher @gwaddellnvhs you're lucky w collaborative culture at yr schl. #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse I get that response a lot when people find out I'm reading a prof book for fun! :) #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse that is a problem. We have time built into our schedule weekly for collaboration. It is district wide, every wednesday. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse @druinok Seriously. Going it alone means you do all the work instead of partial. And the quality of the material is lower. #sbarbook

druinok                    @Mr_Martenis I don't know about SBG, but at least another HS astro teacher might be helpful :) #sbarbook

druinok                    and sometimes trying to share with others (when they've not asked) is taken wrong :( #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse My training suggested that every 15 - 20 min at the least a check should be make. learners should interact with EU often. #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse I think if the kids can't answer that, we need to rethink the activity and/or communication #sbarbook

druinok                    I think *WE* all get the power of collaboration, but I don't think we are a representative sample :) #sbarbook #awesomePLN

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok I would agree. I am told I forget too often that I am not representative of avg teachers. (tech wise) #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok Totally agree with your statement here. #sbarbook

druinok                    Even today, while I'm at a professional even, I was reading my chapter and I had several people ask what I was doing and why #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse what about an exit ticket? #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok That is sad. #sbarbook

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs I think it goes back to the "focused on teaching, not on learning" idea - #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse #sbarbook write the EU on board and refer to it often. Have learners write it down, then discuss what it means. Chap 5 has ideas.

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs but I think we are the exception to the rule - we all are here voluntarily, giving up hours of time to read/discuss #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @druinok #sbarbook. Yes and we blog. We develop sites and content. We are the +3 SD above the mean group using technology.

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs exactly :) #sbarbook but we continue to engage in those activities because we've found them meaningful and worthwhile

lmhenry9                Any closing thoughts for Chapter 1 of #sbarbook?

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 #sbarbook I think it will just get better and challenge us more as it goes on. I am excited to be doing this.

druinok                    speaking of blogs - wouldn't that be a peer review of lessons?  I know a lot of us have modified lessons based on comments, etc #sbarbook

druinok                    @jrykse I thought the LA example was great!  #sbarbook

lmhenry9                @druinok Maybe we look at putting a wiki or website together where people can post their lessons to be peer reviewed? #sbarbook

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs @lmhenry9 agreed - I know I had some moments this chapter that was like a wake up call #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 I think a wiki would be a great idea #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 @druinok for #statbook we have a wiki already. I am also more than willing to host lessons on my site. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                I could look at putting together a wiki also if there is interest. #sbarbook

mathsfeedback    Have used exit tickets and like the snapshot feedback they give me. RT @druinok @jrykse what about an exit ticket? #sbarbook

lmhenry9                Before we call it a night - when do we want to do #sbarbook next?

lmhenry9                @gwaddellnvhs I'll check into that. Thanks. #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @lmhenry9 I am okay with next monday. #sbarbook. As far as setting up a wiki, there are lots of alternatives. is one.

jsb16                         @lmhenry9 #sbarbook wiki: Yes, please. I don't have the book yet...

lmhenry9                Do we want to do one more this week or wait until next Monday? #sbarbook

gwaddellnvhs       @jrykse @lmhenry9 I am game for anything. Today was my first day of break. Spent it at school working! LOL. #sbarbook

lmhenry9                anyone else want to weigh in on when we do ch. 2 of #sbarbook?

Mr_Martenis        @jrykse @lmhenry9 We've still got a few more days of school, but so far the reading has been quick. Again this week would be OK. #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 I could do again this week #sbarbook

druinok                    @gwaddellnvhs I am at the AP reading, so I cant do it in the afternoon - and next week will be at a workshop #sbarbook

lmhenry9                I have 2 thoughts - either Thu 6/16 or Mon 6/20. What do you want to do? #sbarbook

druinok                    @lmhenry9 I can do either date #sbarbook

lmhenry9                Hearing no major objections to Thursday, we will do Chapter 2 of #sbarbook Thu 6/16 at 9:30p est.

lmhenry9                Thanks everyone for good #sbarbook conversation! I'll get a transcript posted when I can.

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