Monday, June 20, 2011

Understanding by Design Chapter 3 - #sbarbook Monday 6/20/2011

lmhenry9               Who's here for Chapter 3 of #sbarbook tonight?
jreulbach                I'm here too. I have read to page 65 in ch.3. Summer is 24/7 active w my kids. so hard to catch up! #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    Trying to be here.  Internet is sort of unstable today.  Great chapter! #sbarbook
lmhenry9               I think twitter in general at the moment is slow. #sbarbook
jryske                      Here #sbarbook
Mr_Martenis        Behind on reading #sbarbook, but ready to catch up.
lmhenry9               I felt kind of confused by this chapter of #sbarbook at times. Anyone else?
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 yes! I'm so glad you said it. I feel like the book is saying the same thing alot. Am I just not getting it? #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach I did feel in this chapter they were repeating a lot. Still felt confused though in this chapter. #sbarbook
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 what confused you the most? #sbarbook
fourkatie                I thought it may have been just me.  I'm having a hard time being open to stuff right now - still in the thick of end of school #sbarbook
jreulbach                @fourkatie no, I'm with you. I'm having a hard time reading this book. The "big idea" is good, but killing me w details. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach Right now the whole idea of the "big idea" is bothering me the most. I wanted more specific directions in unpacking stds#sbarbook
fourkatie                I picked up the book and put it down a half dozen times today.  I'm just blocking I think #sbarbook
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 agreed. The way they went from one sentence to a whole page of stuff on pg.64 went right by me. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach I'm struggling with what I would call the "big ideas" of Alg 2 (which is the class I have the most experience with). #sbarbook
jreulbach                @mrhodotnet how do you feel about what you have read so far? #sbarbook
fourkatie                @lmhenry9 @jreulbach me too.  I feel like I'm too "skills based" .  What are the big ideas/understandings. #sbarbook
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 you are ahead of me. I'm trying to catch up reading. Haven't thought much to apply it yet. #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    I liked the section starting on pg. 78 "Framing goals in terms of transfer tasks"  Good focus on core tasks. #sbarbook
jryske                      I had a hard time reading through this chapter. I kept trying to do some of my own examples. Confused myself. #sbarbook
jreulbach                I will do an activity and then realize that it really didn't get across the point I wanted it to. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jrykse I had some of the same issues - kept trying to figure out how it would work in my classes. #sbarbook
jreulbach                I hope that this book will help me organize better. I need to try it with one unit maybe? #sbarbook
jreulbach                I feel that it is example and quotation heavy, but I need more guidance to apply it to my classes. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @Scott_Schaefer Part of what I am trying to figure out is if "core tasks" are what we refer to as "rich problems." #sbarbook
jryske                      @jreulbach I have a couple things on the chopping block now. Dealt with topics on the outer circle & spent too much time on them. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach The examples sometimes are helpful, but then sometimes the examples confuse me more. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               I think I still go back to what @jryske has said a couple times - I'm waiting to get to ch xx to solidify the ideas more for me. #sbarbook
jryske                      @lmhenry9 @Scott_Schaefer I'm getting impression core task is type of assessment,not rich problem we would use to learn a concept. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jrykse @Scott_Schaefer Could a rich problem be used as an assessment, though? #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    What would an example of a rich problem be? #sbarbook
jreulbach                I didn't understand all of the ideas in last book until I read that letter at the end. I need to read the letter first. #sbarbook
jreulbach                I'm not seeing @Scott_Schaefer #sbarbook tweets.
jreulbach                @mrhodotnet @lmhenry9 Thanks! I followed but am not seeing them yet. Using tweetdeck. Going to reopen... #sbarbook
jryske                      @Scott_Schaefer Tthinking rich prob as anyq or wcydwt type problems. I think @druinok & @lmhenry9 were looking at something else? #sbarbook
fourkatie                @lmhenry9 - @jreulbach doesn't show when I follow hashtag, but I see her in my regular stream. #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    Core task goes to the heart of the discipline.  I try to think of things that professionals would use the idea for.   #sbarbook
fnoschese              Which celebrity chef should cater your garden party? RT @Scott_Schaefer What would an example of a rich problem be? #sbarbook
jreulbach                I see @Scott_Schaefer ! Yeah! #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @Scott_Schaefer Well, that's kind of the question that @druinok have been battling with. Here is one def: #sbarbook
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 I feel like I know what my "big ideas" are in my classes. It's how to get students to UNDERSTAND them. #sbarbook
jreulbach                I get I need to have the big idea and plan backwards, but I'm having trouble with the details. #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    Check out pg 71, with the circles.  I like what it does with stats and big ideas/core tasks.  This was helpful for us in science #sbarbook
jreulbach                @mrhodotnet even if you are all following me? I see me in MY #sbarbook column. hmmmm.... Yes, I am protected. I can go un for bookclub.
lmhenry9               @Scott_Schaefer You've done UbD before, correct? #sbarbook
fourkatie                @mrhodotnet I had just come to that conclusion! Glad I'm not crazy. #sbarbook
Scott_Schaefer    @lmhenry9 I have done UbD.  I help with the training at my district.  Always learning more though. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @Scott_Schaefer I'm just trying to keep straight with where everyone's at with UbD experience so tweets make sense to me. #sbarbook
justbugnu              #sbarbook has anyone looked at ur standards to see if u could pick out a big idea?
lmhenry9               I did really like how #sbarbook analyzed the standards movement. pg.61 - "30 minutes of inst time... we would need 9 more school years"
lmhenry9               @justbugnu I haven't looked specifically at my standards yet. Just finished school  1 1/2 weeks ago - taking a break from them. #sbarbook
jryske                      @lmhenry9 and those quotes were from 1935. Can't believe they were complaining of coverage back then. #sbarbook
4mulafun               @lmhenry9 What is #sbarbook?
jreulbach                @lmhenry9 That's how I feel like in MS. My books have a little of EVERYTHING but nothing in depth. It drives me crazy. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jrykse No - that was the list from 1996. (very top of the page before the 1935 quote) #sbarbook
jreulbach                I have m/d of fractions, decimals, percents, rates, ratios, algebra, geometry, stats, data, prob. But nothing is in depth. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach With teaching the 7th grade pre-algebra, I am hoping that Common Core will focus what I teach. #sbarbook
vtdeacon                @jreulbach @lmhenry9 I second that- seems like there is never enough time either! #sbarbook
lmhenry9               We seem to be winding down on Chapter 3 on #sbarbook. Any further thoughts?
fourkatie                does everyone know what they are teaching next year? #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @fourkatie I have 3 "regular" Algebra 2, 1 advanced Algebra 2, 1 Math 1 (lower level freshmen), and 1 7th grade pre-alg (advanced) #sbarbook
jreulbach                @vtdeacon Outer circle? #sbarbook
lmhenry9               @jreulbach See page 71. #sbarbook
jreulbach                @vtdeacon Yes. still trying to organize from last year. working on the "red flag" idea from last #sbarbook
druinok                   Sorry #sbarbook friends for missing tonight... just got back to my room :(
lmhenry9               @druinok Glad to see you made it. We've been off topic for a while though. #sbarbook
lmhenry9               Chapter 4 of #sbarbook will be Thursday at 9:30p est. I'll get the transcript posted later on tonight. Thanks everyone!

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